Adverse Health Consequences of Excess Drinking
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1.Long-term heavy drinking will decrease the intake of three major nutrients,vitamins and minerals, and thus lead to nutritional deficiencies.

2.Excessive drinking will cause damage to stomach,intestinal mucosa and hepatic function, and thus affect the digestion, absorption and flow of almost all nutrients.

3. Acutealcoholism may cause pancreatitis, which will lead to insufficient pancreatic secretion, affect the absorption and utilization of nutrition and even result in alcoholic malnutrition in serious cases.

4.Alcohol has direct toxic effects on liver and may cause fatty liver, fibrosis around the hepatic vein, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

5.Excessive drinking increases the risk of hypertension, stroke, breast cancer and digestive tract cancer.

6. The catabolism of alcohol will generate acetic acid. Too much acetic acid in the body will lead to the decrease of uric acid excretion and affect hyperuricemia and gout to some extent.

7.Excessive drinking may lead to acute alcoholism, which will cause apsychia,coma or even death.