Brief Introduction of International Students Office & Overseas Education College
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Overseas Education College of FMU was established in July 2008 and International Students Office of FMU was established in January 2014 and works co-operatively with OEC, which consists of Administration Office, Teaching and Research Office, Student Affairs Office and Department of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. OEC now has 15 permanent faculty and staff members, including 1 Dean, 2 Deputy Deans, 3 administrators, 2 staffs of international student management, 2 international student counselors and 5 Mandarin teachers, whose main responsibilities are the planning and policy making of international education of FMU, the construction of management system, teaching staff and teaching materials, course construction, the admission of international students, the management of international studentseducation, residential life and foreign affairs, and so on.


Fujian Medical University has started the enrollment of international students since 1995. Then the scale continuously grows. In 2009, FMU was approved by Ministry of Education to enroll MBBS students. In 2011, after passing the assessment of Ministry of Education, FMU became one of the universities that are entitled to enroll CSC Scholarship students. In 2013, FMU passed the assessment of MBBS teaching program by Special Inspection Team from Ministry of Education.


Currently, there are about 300 international students from 40 countries in FMU. Most of them are enrolled in undergraduate programs or postgraduate programs in clinical medicine that are taught in English or other medical programs taught in Chinese (for CSC Scholarship students).


Adhering to the motto of Fujian Medical University,Diligence, Conscientiousness, Truthfulness and Innovation, and the motto of Overseas Education College, Integrity, Expertise, Cure and Exchange, the college is committed to the medical education for the international students with the purpose of enhancing overseas medical exchange and cooperation, cultivating excellent medical talentsand boosting the construction of Community of Human Destiny.




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