FJMU Students from Taiwan and International Students Serving as Volunteers of the National Youth Games
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Published on November 4,2015

     The First National Youth Games was held in Fuzhou recently. In order to enable students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and international students to participate inthis event and feel the atmosphere, FJMU organized them to take part involuntary service activities of the Games.

     After a range of training and rehearsals, 15 students from Taiwan started to serve as the medical volunteers at the opening ceremony of the National Youth Games, whose responsibilities are to assist medical workers in the medical center and medical posts in the work suchas giving first-aid to and transferring the wounded. The working hours for medical volunteers are 12 hours each time. All students were tired but happy and they were delighted and proud of contributing to the Games.

     9 students from Bangladesh, Mauritius and other countries also served as thecivilization volunteers on the Shanghai Street. They helped the elderly with mobility difficulties and discourages uncivilized behaviors on the street near the bus station of Taijiang Campus. The elderly helped by them spoke highly ofthem. Some passing citizens also took pictures for them to record their work.

     Several news media including Fuzhou Daily and Fuzhou Evening News reported the voluntary service activities carried out by our students.




(He Jianbin from theOverseas Education College)