Adverse Health Consequences of Staying up Late
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1. Frequent fatigue and decreased immunity. The most serious sequelae caused by staying up late often arefatigue and thelack of energy. Meanwhile, immunitywill decrease accordingly and some other autonomic imbalance symptoms such ascold, gastrointestinal infections, allergies will also appear.

2. Headache. The nextday after staying up late, one will suffer from headache and be unable toconcentrate on work or study.What’s more, long-term staying up late and insomnia will also bring invisibledamage to the memory.

3. Dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Human body can have agood restduring night. Without adequate rest,one will feel extremely tired, which will lead to poor blood circulation aroundthe eyes, causing dark circles, under-eye puffiness or blood streak in thewhite of the eye.

4. Dry skin. The body repairs itself during the period between 11:00 pm to 3:00 am, and it is also the time forthe meridians in human body to move to gall bladder and liver. If these twoorgans do not have adequate rest, the skin may be affected. Some problems suchas roughness will appear.

5. Influence on fertility. If the men and women of childbearing age always stay up late, it is likely to affect not only the motility and quantity of male sperm, butalso the secretion of female hormone and the quality of ovum, and it is alsolikely to influence the menstrual cycle.

6. Higher proportion of abnormalliver function. People who are used to staying up late should enter sound sleep no later than one oclock in the morning, which isthe time for nourishing the liver. Otherwise, the inadequate rest of the liverwill be likely to result in fatty liver. What’s more, long-term staying up latewill gradually lead to some neurological and psychiatric symptoms such asinsomnia, amnesia, irritability, willies, and so on.