Cultural Tour for CSC Scholarship International Students in Quanzhou
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Published on May 6, 2015

     FJMU organized 33 CSC Scholarship international students to take a cultural tour in Quanzhou from May1, 2015 to May 2, 2015. This tour is intended to spread Chinese culture to these students, help them know thehistory of the Maritime Silk Road and explore the historical origin betweenChina and the countries along the Silk Road in respect of transportation, tradeand cultural exchange, thus enabling them to inherit and carry forward thespirit of friendly cooperation. Duringthe tour, Dr. Xu Tianwen, amember of the 12th medical team sent to Botswana by Fujian Province and adoctor of medical oncology in the 2ndAffiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, shared his work andexperience during the period of providing foreign aid. Other doctors including Dr. Lin Xiahong, Dr. Gao Yingying and Dr. Wang Zhenhua also shared their own experience andunderstanding of studying abroad. Their excellent speeches enabledinternational students to appreciate their missions and responsibilities of studying in China.

     All students looked for marksrelated to their own countries during the tour. Davit Hakobyan fromArmenia was so excited to find the cultural relics of hisown country during the visit in the Quanzhou Maritime Museum. He was verygrateful for the opportunity provided by the university and teachers to visitthe museum and said, “Maybe mycountry is too small to be known, but there is a culture similarity to that in my country in the remoteQuanzhou of China. I will tell my family and fellow countrymen about this andinvite them to travel and visit Quanzhou.” (The Overseas Education College)