First Group Mental Health Training Activities for International Students of FJMU
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Published on May 22, 2015

The mental health problem is a key factor that affects international students’ study and life in China.In order to help international students maintain healthy mental state and quickly adapt to study and living environment in China, the group mental health training activities were organized for self-funded international students of Grade2014 by theOverseas Education College and the Department of Psychology of the School of Humanities.

Based on the psychological characteristicsof international students, Associate Professor Jiang Qin and Ms. Lin Zhenxiu from the Department of Applied Psychology of the School of Humanities carefully designed the training activities and carried out the activities of relaxation training, self-development design and interpersonal communication training step by step, thus psychologically arousing students’ awareness of self-development and help them build confidence and adapt to the new environment through such activities. On the other hand, international studentsare trained to improve interpersonal skills, enhance mutual trust between them,cultivate team spirit and learn to mutually accept others and provide supports for others. The satisfactory psychological counseling effects have been achieved after the activities.

As these activities are trials to give international students mental health education and improve the preventive management mechanism of international students, such activities can be promoted among all international students and taken as a routine work of mentalhealth education provided for international students.

(Huang Hui from the Overseas Education College)