FJMU Held 2015 International Students New Year Chitchat
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Published on February 19, 2015

 On February 18,2015,the International Students New Year Chitchat was held inthe Shangjie Campus of FJMU, where Deputy Secretary Xiao Zheng of the Party Committee and principals of the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, the Security Office and the Overseas EducationCollege celebrated the Chinese New Year with more than 200 international students. Mr. Xiao addressed the meeting to present his sincere wishes to all international students and express his ardent hope that they will gain more friendship and make greater progress in study in the new year. Besides, Mr.Xiao also gave the “New Year’s money” to international students on behalf of the university. As the representative of international students, Hannah of Grade 2012 shared the feelings of Chinese traditional festivals. Experience activities of Spring Festival traditional customs were prepared for the chitchat, which showed the Chinese Spring Festival culture and created a festive happy atmosphere.


                  (The Office of StudentAffairs, the Office of International Cooperation

and Exchanges and the OverseasEducation College)