Examination Rules of Fujian Medical University
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Document No.180 [2014] of Office of Academic Affairs ofFujian Medical University

(November 14th, 2014)

Article One Examinees should enterthe examination room 10 minutes prior to the start of the exam, take theassigned seat and place the Student Card and Examination Pass (if issued, itshould be accompanied by ID Card) in the upper right corner of the desk forexamination by proctors. Examinees without identification will not be allowedto attend the examination.

Article Two Examinees who are late for the exam over 30 minutes are notallowed to enter the exam room. Examinees cannot turn in the exam paper within30 minutes after the exam starts and the last 10 minutes before the exam ends.If examinees are to leave the exam room during other time slots, they need toturn in the exam paper; otherwise, they are not allowed to leave the exam room.

Article Three Examineesshould bring writing utensils such as 2B pencil, eraser, pen with blackink by themselves . During the exam, examinees are not allowed to exchangeanything to others without permission of proctors.

Article Four Only writing utensilsstated by the proctors are permitted in the exam room. All electronic devices, such as mobile phone, digital camera, MP3,electronic dictionary, camera pen, electronic calculator, radio, mobile mediaplayerare prohibitedduring the examination.

Article Five Examinees should obeyproctors’ instruction to commence the exam and answer questions.

Article Six Examinees cannot ask the proctors about the exam questions andproctors cannot answer such questions. Examinees can raise their hands to askproctors other questions not related to the exam content, such as mistakes ofthe exam paper distribution and blurred printing. In case of such mistakes ormisprints, examinees should report to the proctors, asking for another exampaper within 15 minutes after the exam starts.

Article Seven Examinees should write clearly on the paper using fountain pens orball pens (pencils for multiple-choice answer sheet).

Article Eight During theexam, examinees must keep quiet. Examinees are not allowed to talk to eachother or look at other students’ exam paper, answer sheet and other materials.

Article Nine When the exam time is up, examinees should stop answering thepaper, follow the proctors’ instruction to place the exam paper and answersheet on the desk on opposite face, and leave the exam room with the proctors’permission. Removing any written material like exam papers, answer sheets, andscratch papers from the examination room is forbidden.

Article Ten Examinees should follow proctors’ arrangement and instructions. Examineesshould not act up, intimidate, insult and revenge against proctors.

These rules enter into force upon its promulgation. The previous relevantregulations shall be repealed simultaneously.

Office of Academic Affairs of Fujian MedicalUniversity

Test Center of Fujian Medical University