Regulations on Punishment of Students’ Disciplinary Violation and Cheating in Examinations
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Document No.285 [2008] of Office of Academic Affairs ofFujian Medical University

(December 29th, 2008)

All Schools (departments) concerned,

Inorder to strengthen the disciplines of the examination room, avoid cheating in examinationsand maintain great teaching and life order, these regulations are establishedin accordance with Decree No. 18 of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic ofChina.

Article OneAll examinees should observe disciplines of the examinationroom and follow the arrangement and requirements of proctors. Examinees whocommit one of the following behaviors will be considered as violatingexamination room rules and be stopped from continuing the exam timely and theirexam papers are graded zero.

1) Bringing stationeriesand materials that are not allowed in the examination room rules to the seat;

2) Having not taken the designatedseat;

3) Writing answers beforethe signal for starting the examination is given, or continuing to answerquestions after the signal for ending the examination is given;

4) Peaking at otherexaminees’ answers, showing other examinees the answer sheets, or signalingother examinees by exchanging message, hand motions, and so on;

5) Clamoring, smoking, orcausing other disturbances in or around the examination room;

6) Arbitrarily leavingexamination room without permission of proctors;

7) Removing any writtenmaterials like exam papers, answer sheets (including answer card and answeringpaper), and scratch papers from the examination room;

8) Writing down names,exam admission card numbers in a place that is not stipulated or markinginformation in other ways;

9) Other behaviors thatviolate the examination room rules, but do not constitute cheating.

Article Two Examinees who commitone of the following behaviors are regarded as cheating and be stopped fromcontinuing the exam timely and their exam papers are graded zero.

1) Carrying slips of paperthat contain information about the course with them when answering questions orkeeping books and notebooks about the exam or electronic devices on the desks;

2) Plagiarizing orassisting others to plagiarize answers or the materials related to theexamination;

3) Robbing or stealingothers’ exam papers, or answer sheets or forcing others to provide conveniencefor plagiarism;

4) Using communicationdevices during the exam;

5) Engaging other peopleto sit for examination or taking examinations for others;

6) Removing any writtenmaterials like exam papers, answer sheets (including answer card and answeringpaper), and scratch papers from the examination room;

7) Intentionallydestroying examination papers, answer sheets or other examination materials;

8) Writing down names,examination admission card numbers and other information that are notidentified with him (or her) on the answer sheets;

9) Passing and receivingarticles related to the examination;

10) Exchanging exampapers, answer sheets, or scratch papers;

11) Other cheatingbehaviors in examination.

Article Three Examinees whocommit one of the following behaviors are regarded as cheating during or afterexaminations and their exam papers are graded zero.

1) Acquiring qualificationfor examination and the examination results through forged credentials,certificates, files and other materials;

2) Discovering more thantwo (including two) examination papers of the same subject from the sameexamination room having the same or similar answers when during the reviewingof examination papers;

3) Discovering a chaoticsituation of the examination room, the examination order out of control, ormass cheating;

4) Finding out proctorsassisting the realization of cheating, which is found to be true throughinvestigation afterwards;

5) Other behaviors thatshould be identified as cheating.

Article Four Examinees and otherpersonnel should keep the order of the examination workplace, obey theadministration of proctors and should not have the following behaviors thatdisrupt the order of examination room and the examination workplace. Otherwise,the examinees will be stopped from continuing the exam and the exam isnullified and the exam papers are graded zero.

1) Intentionallydisturbing the order of examination rooms;

2) Rejecting orhindering the proctors to perform administrative duties;

3) Intimidating,insulting, defaming and making a false charge against proctors or otherexaminees;

4) Other behaviors that upsetthe order of the examination administration.

These rules enter into force upon its promulgation. The previous relevantregulations shall be repealed simultaneously.

Officeof Academic Affairs of Fujian Medical University

Test Center of Fujian Medical University