Interim Measures for the Management of Experimental Teaching of Fujian Medical University (Excerpt)
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Document No. 192[2016] of Fujian Medical University

(August 21, 2016)

Chapter One General Provisions

Article One Experimentalteaching is both a vital component of course teaching in colleges and universitiesand an important teaching process for the connection between theory andpractice. The Measures are formulated for the purpose of reinforcing the managementof experimental teaching, further standardizing the experimental teachingprocess, improving the experimental teaching level and ensuring the talenttraining quality.

Article Two Experimentalteaching refers to the teaching activity in which students select appropriate methodsto present certain properties of the predetermined subject by means of experimentalfacilities and measures under the guidance of their teachers, thus revealingthe essence of the subject.

Article Three The missionof experimental teaching is to consolidate and deepen the understanding of thetheoretical knowledge acquired in class and to develop students’ practicalability through the training of basic skills, the abilities to find, analyzeand solve problems, the scientific mode of thinking, the innovative spirit, therigorous academic attitude and the realistic scientific approach.

Chapter Three Course Forms and Program Types

Article Ten Experimentalteaching courses are mainly carried out in the forms of the experimental coursecontained in a teaching course and the independent experimental course.

1. Experimentalcourse contained in a teaching course: the experimental course contained in a theoreticalcourse, which consists of multi-level experimental content, such as demonstration,verification, operational and comprehensive experiments.

2. Independentexperimental course: the experimental course combining one or more basic orspecialized courses and integrating theories, knowledge and skills on the basisof strengthening the basic training.

Independent experimental courses should be provided individuallyif the experimental teaching content is relatively independent and systematicwith more than 18 credit hours.

Article Eleven Experimentalteaching programs can be classified into various types such as demonstration experiments,verification experiments, comprehensive and designing experiments, research andinnovative experiments.

1. Demonstrationexperiment: the experiment operated by teachers under the observation ofstudents to verify theories, explain principles and introduce methods.

2. Verificationexperiment: the experiment operated by students as required to deepen theirunderstanding of basic theories and knowledge and to acquire basic experimentalknowledge, methods and skills.

3. Comprehensiveand designing experiment: the experiment independently operated by students throughthe process of looking up information, preparing experimental schemes andmethods, designing and solving problems according to predetermined experimentalobjectives and requirements. The experimental content can be the synthesis ofone or more than one courses of a major or that of the several majors.

4. Researchand innovative experiment: the experiment in which students will develop a preliminaryunderstanding of the scientific mode of thinking and the scientific researchmethods and learn to independently write research reports and relevant demonstrationreports under the guidance of their teachers through comprehensively applying multi-disciplinaryknowledge and independently applying for and undertaking research subjects or participatinginscientific research projects.

Chapter Four Process Management

Article Twelve Schools (Teachingand Research Office) shall develop the experimental teaching schedule and carryout the experimental teaching work in accordance with the credit hours, contentand requirements prescribed in the experimental teaching syllabus.

Article Thirteen Theexperimental teaching content shall be carried out in strict accordance withthe experimental teaching syllabus and the experimental teaching schedulewithout arbitrary modification. If it is necessary to cancel or set up experimentalprojects, written applications should be submitted at the beginning of theschool year and reported to the Office of Academic Affairs forthe record upon the review and approval of the school (department) concerned.

Article Fourteen Except forthe complicated experimental projects which should be demonstrated by teachers,the opportunity for hands-on operation of experiments which are required to bemastered by studentsshould be possiblyguaranteed for each student.

Article Fifteen  The numberof students supervised by each teacher in the experimental course shall be nomore than 30. Students can be grouped according to the actual situation in theexperiment and the number of students in each group should not be too large.

Chapter Five Experiment Instructors and TeachingAssistants

Article Sixteen Experimentinstructors and teaching assistants shall strictly observe the Code of Conduct for Laboratory Staff ofFujian Medical University.

Article Nineteen Responsibilitiesof experiment instructors:

1. Carefullyprepare for courses and conduct the trial lectures and pre-experiments for theexperimental courses offered for the first time;

2. Payattention to the intensive explanation and practice during experimentalteaching and highlight objectives, requirements, principles, methods, operationprocedures and precautions of the experiment to ensure the experiment effects;

3. Well-organizeexperimental process and develop strict requirements for the experimentaltraining of students; carefully inspect the operation practice of students duringthe experiment to timely guide and inspire students and correct theirbehaviors, strictly train their basic skills and develop their abilities toanalyze and solve problems; carefully check students’ practical abilities,attitude and compliance and develop their rigorous scientific attitude, realisticscientific approach and standardized operating methods;

4. Properlydeal with students’ attendance record and punish students being late for classfor more than 10 minutes according to the regulations for absence; exert theright to stop students not complying with regulations, operation procedures andguidance from conduct experiments;

5. Timelyand carefully check students’ experiment reports and homework; properly carryout the evaluation of experimental courses and academic record registration;explain the common problems in the experiment in the next lesson in detail;return the reports that do not meet requirements or are copied from others forrewriting;

6. Activelycarry out experimental teaching research; reform the programs, content andmethods of experiments; increase the number of comprehensive and designingexperiments and research and innovative experiments to continuously improve theexperimental teaching quality.

Chapter Six Students

Article Twenty-one Studentsshall strictly observe rules and regulations of FMU, such as the Code of Laboratory Conduct for studentsofFujian Medical University.

Article Twenty-two Studentsmust preview the lecture notes or instruction before the experimental courseand understand key points, difficulties, principles, methods, devices and precautionsof the experiment.

Article Twenty-three During theexperimental course, students shall give play to their subjective initiative tocarefully operate the experiment, make experimental records and complete the experimentreport which shall contain objectives, requirements, principles, methods,procedures, data, data processing methods, results and discussion of theexperiment.

Article Twenty-four Studentsfailing to participate in the experimental course without reasons will be takenas absence from class. Those failing to perform the experiment upon theapproval for leave for some reasons may apply for performing the experiment withinthe stipulated time.

Article Twenty-five Studentswho damage the devices due to noncompliance with operation procedures or rulesand take experiment devices away without permission will be punished accordingto relevant regulations of FMU.

Chapter Seven Examination and Performance Evaluation

Article Twenty-six Theexamination of experimental course shall contain students’ attitude, operationpractice, experiment results, result analysis, attendance, experiment reports, andso on.

Article Twenty-seven Students failingto pass the examination of experimental course contained in a teaching coursecan’t participate in the final examination of the course.

Article Twenty-eight The independentexperimental course shall provide separate examinations consisting oftheoretical examinations, such as basic theories and principles, and operatingexaminations. This exam result will be combined with the daily exam results toa certain proportion to generate the final score of the course.

Chapter Ten Supplementary Provisions

Article Thirty-three The Measures will take effect on August 21, 2016 andshall be interpreted by the Office of Academic Affairs.