Administrative Regulations on Routine Course Assessment of Fujian Medical University
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Document No. 149 [2016] of Officeof Academic Affairs of Fujian Medical University

(August 16, 2016)

Article One The Regulationsare formulated for the purpose of further strengthening the management ofstudents’ learning process, developing scientific, objective and impartial approachesfor routine course assessment, encouraging students to pay attention to their dailystudy and improving their learning effects.

Article Two Routine course assessment shall be conductedfor all courses.

Article Three Principles of routine course assessment:

1. Motivation. Routine courseassessment is aimed at stimulating students’ learning motivation, boostingtheir confidence in study, promoting autonomous study and improving their overallqualities.

2. Timeliness. Routine courseassessment enable teachers timely know how well the students understand the knowledge,theories and skills and find their problems and deficiencies in knowledge andskills so as to timely improve the teaching methods.

3. Impartiality. Routine courseassessment shall be conducted in a fair, impartial and open way with scientificand reasonable methods and accurate and reliable results.

4. Full course. Routine courseassessment shall be provided throughout the whole teaching process. The personin charge of a course or school (departments) must design well-organizedcontents and methods of routine course assessment and conduct the assessments properly.

Article Four The resultsof routine course assessment shall account for 30% - 40% of the total score ofa course.

Article Five Routinecourse assessment shall contain:

1. Classroom performance andinteraction. A comprehensive evaluation of students must be made by teachers accordingto their attendance, classroom discipline, classroom performance, classroompresentation, speeches, simulative teaching performance, and so on.

2. Completion of daily homework. Acomprehensive evaluation of students must be made by teachers according totheir homework, experiment reports, case analysis, teamwork performance, and soon.

3. Phased assessments. Anevaluation of students must be made by teachers according to their daily tests,mid-term examination, course papers, summary of learning, and so on.

4. Practical teaching activities.An evaluation of students must be made by teachers according to their resultsand general performance in oral examinations, computer practice, designing and extracurricularpractical activities and comprehensive performance.

5. Panel or group discussion. Anevaluation of students must be made by teachers according to their performance,efficiency and existing problems during panel or group discussion.

Article Six Routine courseassessment for each course shall contain at least three of the above items.

Article Seven As thesubject of routine course assessment, schools (departments) must designate principalsto develop the specific measures for routine course assessment and evaluationcriteria according to the features and tasks of courses.

Article Eight Courseinstructors shall inform all students of the examination approaches of coursesat the beginning of the course, including the proportion of the result ofroutine assessment in the total score of the course, specific measures for routinecourse assessment and evaluation criteria.

Article Nine Students’ routinecourse assessment result shall be truthful and correct with detailed record.Course instructors shall complete the RecordSheet of Routine Course Assessment or record the results in the CourseCenter.

Article Ten Courseinstructors shall timely announce the results of routine course assessmentconcerned to students and warn students who have poor academic performance andassist them in improving academic performance.

Article Eleven Courseinstructors must record students’ results of routine course assessment in the EducationalAdministration Management System (or the Course Center) in percentage terms atthe end of the semester and set the proportion of routine course assessment(30% - 40%) in the system according to regulations.

Article Twelve Thestudent failing to pass the routine course assessment will be disqualified totake the final examinations; otherwise the results of the finals will beinvalid and the student must relearn the course.

Article Thirteen Routinecourse assessment will be included in the scope of the routine teachinginspection conducted by schools (departments) and the evaluation of teachers’teaching performance.

Article Fourteen The Regulations willtake effect upon the releasing date and shall be interpreted by the Office ofAcademic Affairs. In case that there is any inconformity between the Notice on Reinforcing the Evaluation andManagement of Routine Course Assessment, the Regulations shall prevail.