The Accomplishment of the First “i-Med” Chinese Writing Competition for International Students of FMU
发布时间: 2018-01-12 浏览次数: 526

The awarding ceremony of the first “i-Med” Chinese writing competition for international students of FMU is held by Department of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language of OEC on January 12, 2018. The dean and deputy dean of OEC attended the ceremony and awarded the prizes to the winners.

42 compositions written by international students from OEC were submitted themed with “the 80th anniversary of FMU” and “the 36th sports meeting of FMU”. Four students won the first prize, 6 won the second prize, 10 won the third prize and 22 won excellent awards.

The purpose of the competition is to enhance the ability and motive of learning Chinese language, and the sense of pride of being an FMUer. The competition is applauded for providing a platform for international students to present their talent and achievement in Chinese language learning.