New Takes Vs. Old Traditions--the 2018 OEC freshmen Orientation Serial Activities
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       In the efforts of wanting to make our Freshman feel at home and realize that Fujian Medical University OEC will be home away from home for them,the OEC Students Association alongside the teachers,took it upon themselves to organize a set of events to help the new students settle in well.

  1. Freshmen Orientation

The 2018 Freshmen Orientation with the White-coat Ceremony was organized by OEC of Fujian Medical University.It started at 3pm in the afternoon of Wednesday 10th of October.

Commencing the ceremony was the recognition of the OEC honourable staffs and invited guests by Mrs. Nian. Soon after,the deputy dean of OEC,Mr. Lian Zhudangave a brief talk about the school and her deeds.He offered words of wisdom and advice to the freshmen about starting school & life activities,also reminding them of the Oath of medical doctors as something they can look up to each day as they go on.

This was followed by a well arranged and heartfelt piece of word by the freshmen representative,Wan Qiang from Niger.He shared his feelings about the thought of becoming a medical student.He also stated how he'd love to talk about the future.

Thereafter, led by Dr. Yang Feng’e, the most important and symbolic part of the ceremony,swearing of the Hippocratic oath was taken. The freshmen gave their oath to become a doctor with devoting heart and lofty ideas.

  1. Freshmen Tour

On the 12th of October,the new students gathered in the lobby as they awaited the Students Association members to come and take them on a tour of the school.We were very excited for them starting their academic career at FMU.This was an opportunity provided for them to learn about different areas of the school that will aid their adaptation and every day activities especially that of their academics.The new students got to know about the location of the classrooms,laboratories buildings,school canteen & gym,even down to the express delivery station..Pretty sure it was a lot to grab but I know they will come around soon enough.

  1. Senior-freshman Exchange

Immediately after,they had an orientation session,it was an introduction to academic and non-academic life at FMU,so all new students were required to attend the orientation session.We had our very own Dr. Innocent and Delali a 2nd year student in the association dish out some words of wisdom as per their experience in China.It is always more accurate coming from one who has walked the journey they were about to embark on.The Students life Department also addressed the pressing issue of litter around the dormitory.The freshmen were also given opportunity to ask questions on whatever that’d like to know about the school and China at large,was an opportunity to learn about the great programs and services at FMU.

  1. Freshmen Welcome Concert

Having said the important stuff, the Freshmen were also showed that it’s not all work,one’s social life is also as important through the welcome concert that was held on Wednesday the 17th of October.We had a buffet of performances from various countries,which left everyone with smiles.