Registration for HSK test on April. 14th, 2019 is opened
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February 28, 2019

Online registration of HSK test (paper-based) Level 3 to 6 on April. 14th, 2019 in Fujian Medical University HSK test center will be opened from March 1st, 2019. Test takers can log into www.chinesetest.cnto sign up for the test.

Registration time: March 1st to 15th of 2019

Contact: Liu Laoshi

Office Phone: 0591-22862170

Registration steps are as following:


Log into the website



User registration

Register to become a user of the Chinese testing service website, and remember   your user name (mailbox) and password.


Test registration

Select the test level,   form (paper-based), test center (Fujian Medical University) and date.


Fill in your personal information

Fill in your name (identical with your identity certificate), gender,   date of birth, nationality, information of your identity certificate, etc.   Please ensure authenticity and integrity of the information.


Upload a photo

Photo requirement: Test taker’s recent photo for identification (in a standard,   two-inch form). Photos of daily life or landscape will not be accepted. It’s   best to upload a photo with white background.

Test taker who chooses to take the test in mainland China is required to   submit a photo. If no photo has been uploaded or the uploaded one does not   meet the requirements, test taker cannot take the test.


Confirm information

After verifying the information, select “Confirm and Submit”.


Pay test fee

Please complete the payment before the registration deadline; otherwise   the registration is invalid. After you have successfully paid the test fee,   the test cannot be cancelled.

Test taker can directly pay online.


Receive test registration confirmation

Test taker who has   completed the registration and payment, and has filled in a valid E-mail   address, will receive a registration confirmation 10 days before the test. If   no confirmation is received, please contact the test center.


Print test admission ticket

Log into the Chinese   testing service website and print out your test admission ticket. On the test   date, you must bring and present your test admission ticket and identity   certificate.


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Fujian Medical University