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Teaching Management

The School of Clinical Medicine at Affiliated UnionHospital of FJMU, the First School of Clinical Medicine and the School of Clinical Medicine at Fujian Provincial Hospital,

According to the teaching plan of six-yearMBBS program (taught in English), the clinical rotation for 2011 internationalstudents is arranged to be held from January 19, 2016 to December30, 2016. The practice will last 50 weeks by three rotations. According to the Clinical Practice Syllabus for InternationalStudents of Six-year MBBS Program (Taught in English), the detailedarrangement for clinical rotations is as follows:

1. Pre-service training: 2 weeks, includingbasic clinical skills training; explanation of Clinical Practice Syllabus, ClinicalPractice Manual, medical record requirements and clinical care knowledge; interpretationof rules and regulations such as discipline and attendance in clinicalrotation.

2. First clinical rotation: 16 weeks,including 16 weeks for medicaldepartment (including 2 weeks for neurology department).

3. Second clinical rotation: 16weeks, including 16 weeks for surgicaldepartment (including 8 weeks for general surgery department).

4. Third clinical rotation: 16weeks, including 6 weeks for gynecologicaland obstetric department, 6 weeks for pediatricdepartment, 3 weeks for first-aidmedicine, 1 week for preventivemedicine.

5. Threerounds of clinical rotation tests will be arranged during the practice and thetest time is subject to the notice. Objective Structural ClinicalExamination (OSCE) and theoretical examinationwillbe arranged between January 9, 2017 and January 13, 2017 after the clinicalrotation.

The above Schools of Clinical Medicine should makeappropriate arrangement for clinical practice as required.

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