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Brief Introduction of FMU

Founded in 1937, Fujian Medical University (FMU) has become a provincial key university for priority development focusing on medicine and paying attention to harmonious development of multiple disciplines, such as science, management, law, arts and engineering. Through 80 years construction and development, it has developed an integral education system offering bachelor's, master's and doctor's degree programs, integrating teaching, scientific research, medical treatment, medical prevention and social services. In addition, the university is regarded as Fujian training center for medical health personnel, Fujian medical science research center and Fujian medicine-based prevention and health care center. In 2017, the university ranks 130th among China colleges and universities and 2nd among those of Fujian Province in the list of “Ranking of China Best Colleges and Universities” according to Shanghai Ranking’s Chineses University Rankings, which is designed for ranking national well-known colleges and universities, with focus on education and teaching quality assessment. For the past 80 years since its establishment, the university has educated more than 100 thousand medical talents for the nation and regions, including Chen Keji, the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Jiang Xiaoying, the Florence Nightingale Medal winner, ect.

FMU is located in Fuzhou, with two campuses located at Shangjie and Taijiang respectively, covering a total area of 100 hectares with a floor area of more than 420,000 square meters. FMU has set up 20 schools and provides 27 majors. There are 6 doctor programs in Level I academic disciplines and 2 doctor programs in Level II academic disciplines, 9 master programs in Level I academic disciplines and 1 master program in Level II academic disciplines, 6 master programs in professional disciplines, 2 research stations that offer postdoctoral fellowships (for Clinical Medicine and Basic Medical Sciences), 3 academician workstation. FMU boasts 6 directly affiliated hospitals, 14 non-directly affiliated hospitals, 24 clinical teaching-oriented hospitals and 88 professional practice teaching bases, forming a relatively complete system for clinical teaching and practice teaching. For now, it has an enrollment of over 21,000 students, of whom nearly 400 are international students, more than 3000 are master’s program learners and doctoral programs learners currently. FMU has a staff of over 11200. Among1536 full-time teachers, those with senior professional title account for 67.45% and there are 149 doctoral supervisors and 1072 master supervisors.

Fujian Medical University has started the enrollment of international students since 1995. Overseas Education College of FMU was established in July 2008. In 2009, FMU was approved by Ministry of Education to enroll MBBS students. In 2011, after passing the assessment of Ministry of Education, FMU became one of the universities that are entitled to enroll CSC Scholarship students. In 2013, FMU passed the assessment of MBBS teaching program by Special Inspection Team from Ministry of Education.

Currently, there are about 400 international students from over 40 countries in FMU. Most of them are enrolled in undergraduate programs or postgraduate programs in clinical medicine that are taught in English or other medical programs taught in Chinese (for CSC Scholarship students).

Adhering to the motto of Fujian Medical University, “Diligence, Conscientiousness, Truthfulness and Innovation”, and the motto of Overseas Education College, “Integrity, Expertise, Cure and Exchange” and the concept of cultivating open medical minds, the college is committed to the medical education with the purpose of enhancing overseas medical exchange and cooperation, cultivating excellent medical talents and boosting the construction of Community of Human Destiny.